Alexandra Joy Designs

About Me

Hi! I’m Alexandra Curry. I was born and raised in a small town in Missouri. I completed my BFA in Graphic Design and Illustration from Missouri State University in the spring of 2023. I love to find humor, beauty, and joy in life, even during hard times. I use my work to share these funny or happy moments with others in the hopes that it will make them smile.

Print Designs

Magazine Spread of a Sophisticated Audience

This is a spread for the short story Magnificence: The Orchid by Myrna Davis. The story takes place in the Philippines, so I chose to make the most prominent part of the design the national orchid of the Philippines. I inverted the orchid’s colors and played with typography to create a spread aimed at a sophisticated audience.

Poster for Annual Compost Week

The inspiration for this poster comes from the fact that compost is created by layering materials on top of each other inside a compost bin. All of the photos in this poster are of compostable materials.

Poster for a Jazz Festival in Gliwice, Poland

For this poster I wanted to represent how sound moves through air and how jazz has many sounds that overlap each other in harmony.

Annual Weather Tracker Calendar

This calendar allows you to keep track of the weather throughout the year. First, you assign a color for each type of weather using the key in the bottom left corner. There are extra spaces provided so that you can add other types of weather that might be specific to where you live. Then, you color in each circle of the day with the color that corresponds to the weather that day. When the year is over and all the circles are colored in, you will have a colorful record of that year’s weather.

Poster for the Anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights

For this poster, I was tasked with creating a design that included all of the articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and I had to emphasize a specific article that was assigned to me on the poster. The circle of negative space symbolizes the earth, and the shade of green used represents progress and hope.

Book Covers for a Young Adult Audience

These books are set during the regency time period. I researched regency flower language and chose flowers that gave clues to the plot of each book. For example, the flower at the top of the Persuasion cover is an apple blossom which means preference. This references how both main characters still loved each other after many years apart. All of the flowers are color pencils drawings I made by hand.

Book Covers for a Sophisticated Audience

For the sophisticated version of these book covers, I decided to research fan language of the regency time period. During this time period, there were strict rules about when women could speak in public, so fan language was created to provide a way for women to communicate to other people without speaking a word. Each book cover uses fan language to convey important concepts about each book’s plot. For example, a fan placed across the forehead like the one shown on the cover of Pride and Prejudice communicates the phrase ‘you have changed’. This references the change of attitudes and behaviors each main character goes through in the book.

Branding and Merchandising

Big Slice Rebranding

Old Logo

New Logo

For this assignment I was asked to choose a local business that I thought deserved better branding. We were only required to present our redesigns in class and not to the local business we chose. I decided to redesign The Big Slice because its old logo did not match the atmosphere of the restaurant.

This is a design for t-shirts that could be worn by staff as part of their uniform or sold to customers.

This is another form of apparel that could be sold to customers.

I designed two types of pizza boxes because The Big Slice sells both whole pizzas and single slices.

This is a window display that features all the different varieties of pizza they offer.

Murder Mystery Party Collaboration

For this project, we were asked work in teams of two to design merchandise for a murder mystery party inspired by a specific art movement. My team was given the theme of post modern art. My partner and I decided to take inspiration from Jean-Michel Basquiat work. We also decided to divide up the work evenly where I was in charge of apparel design and he designed the printed materials.

For the t-shirt design I wanted the text to combine the part of Basquiat’s that is reminiscent to graffiti with the text and blood drips of old horror movies. The front of the shirt features a skull and a crown which were two symbols we used to tie all parts of the project together.

I made these icons that were related to murder in a similar style to the motifs often used by Basquiat in his art. I arranged them on to the bag and made two color variations of the design.

Website and app design

Photo Sharing Website Design

This is the sign-in page for a photo sharing website.

This is a snapshot of what someone’s profile on this website would look like.

Note Taking App Design

This app is called Note Time. The first picture on the left is a mockup of how the app will look on your phone. The middle picture shows what happens when you tap on the hamburger menu in the upper left corner. The last picture shows what happens when you tap on the plus symbol in the lower right corner.


Spot Illustrations

These are small illustrations I did based on a theme or phrase. For the One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure, I drew luxury goods made out of trash. One of my favorite illustrations from this collection is the paper boat in a bucket which represents a yacht. For the Killer Beauty Queen, I drew items associated with femininity and beauty but gave them a dangerous or dark twist.

Short Story Illustration

This is an illustration for the short story The Nightingale and the Blind Worm by The Brothers Grimm. I decided to do a modern take on the story to add an element of humor by making the characters college roommates.

Memoir Comic

This series of comics is based off a memory of when I was eight years old. It was during a large ice storm, and my father and I would sit by the window and listen to tree branches cracking under the weight of the ice.

“Guinea Pigz Rule!” Book Spread

This is a spread from a book I wrote about mischievous guinea pigs and the shenanigans they get up to. The book is made entirely out of one panels comics.